President Anne Huot sent out an email the afternoon of Wednesday May 7, stating the death of Keene State College student Sean Thomas Casey, a safety and occupational health major and management minor at KSC.

Huot said, “It is with deep sadness and regret that I send this message regarding the death of Keene State student, Sean Thomas Casey. Sean’s death has been determined to be an accident.”

KSC senior and friend of Casey, Brandon Rose said, “Sean was a really good kid. He had a lot of goals in mind. He was super business-oriented and had all these ideas that he thought were going to take place and do big things,” Rose said.

Rose continued, “He always thought he was going somewhere. He was always there to help me for anything. He would help anyone out.”

Director of the Counseling Center Brian Quigley said, “The counseling center is holding open hours for any students who need to come into the center. If a counselor is available to meet with them they say, ‘come on in’ on the spot and provide any support needed to them.”

“I think it’s important that there is thoughtfulness between honoring both sides of the experience at this time for seniors,” Quigley said, regarding this weekend’s commencement ceremony.

Quigley explained, “I think it’s a tragic situation in and of itself, regardless of the timing. I think the timing of it makes it more of a tragedy, if that’s possible when anyone loses his or her life. To me, I think it’s important to make sure people reach out to their loved ones, friends, family — those who care for them and who they care about for support and to air the feelings they are having around the tragedy.”

Rose said he remembers meeting Casey early-on in his KSC career. “I met him the second day of college. We went through all four years together…We joined PMD together. We went through everything,” Rose recalled. Casey was supposed to graduate with Rose this upcoming Saturday, May 10.

Quigley said, “I think finding a healthy balance between respecting and honoring those feelings around the tragedy if they are impacted by it [while] at the same time ensuring they are attentive to this important time in a student’s life.”

Details regarding services to remember Casey have not yet been released, according to the email.

The Counseling Center is offering 24-hour support through the crisis hotline that can be reached at 603-358-2436.

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