The question is always “what’s next?” when discussing the Keene State College’s dining services and what they provide with food variety, late night choices, meal plan options and more.

Students, faculty and staff have expressed some of their needs and wants for the future. The dining service employees and management at KSC through the management company Sodexo have heard and are continuing to hear these questions, comments and concerns.

As of now, there are three main locations for dining, “take away” and simply “grabbing a coffee before class,” according to Josef Quirinale, general manager of the KSC Dining Service. He explained how there have been many adjustments to the meal options in the last few years.

Offering unlimited meal swipes to premium plan holders gives ease to anyone as they can stop in the DC whenever it is convenient.

Erin D’Aleo / Equinox Staff

Erin D’Aleo / Equinox Staff

Shannon Summers, a student and athlete, is thrilled with the change, “Having unlimited swipes is great because I can grab a snack before practice and still eat a good dinner after.”

These seemingly-small changes take a lot more money, time, and planning from the dining staff than some people realize.

Everything offered through the dining services come directly from the costs of meal plans by students or other holders.

Quirinale has worked with many other campus’ before coming to KSC and shared, “Keene State has the lowest cost for meal plans of any competitive schools in most of the region, like Plymouth, UNH, UVM,…” and the list goes on.

Bringing in vegan, gluten-free, healthy, global, local and other varieties of foods adds to the cost of the meal plan.

“Its not just about the food, its the service, the cleanliness, the waste, the employees, even the electricity, it all costs money,” he said.

Students discussed some of the positive things these services brought them while living and eating on campus, as well as some things they would like to see change in the near future. Senior Stephen Humer said, “local day is my favorite.”

Alexandra Abbate, a sophomore this year, is also excited about the variety, “its always fresh and a good alternative for people who don’t want to eat the same thing every day.”

Like everything, there is always room for change. Many are eager to have some options late at night for those studying or getting out of class at 9:30p.m.

Senior Stephanie Morse said she would like to see “late night [options] in the library for snacks when we’re studying.”

Humer added, “Hoot open on the weekend after the DC closes.”

Freshman Alexis Zecha said she wants “the DC to be open later and the food to be whatever they normally serve for dinner.”

Quirinale said he and those he works with check responses on the board in the DC, and hear any concerns or suggestions.

“We’re always thinking about it—trying to put out as much as possible.”

While changes are repeatedly being considered and plans for the future are being made, for now, check out the office on the second floor above Hoot ‘n’ Scoot, to voice ideas, comments, and/or concerns.


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