It has seemed as if every decision made by our elected officials has become worse and worse; this time, they haven’t even made a decision. Our politicians, those in whom we have (mis)placed our trust, have yet again found a way to bring scrutiny upon themselves and embarrassment upon the nation as a whole.

Don’t they come up with a budget every single year? While “non-essential” government workers have their jobs suspended, the head honchos in Congress still get paid.

Their own mess, created by their hands, leaves them unaffected. Those who pass laws hold all the power, I guess. It truly is a tragedy the way this country is going.

How could a cast of distinguished adults fail so miserably at such an easy assignment? What do I know about running a country, you ask? Though I’ve never quite been an elected official before or been to any graduate school for law or political discourse, I know a thing or two about the ins and outs of governmental affairs. I am a whopping nineteen-years-old.

That being said, I’ve lived through a grand total of three presidents. With qualifications like that, I’m more than capable of lambasting the work of these political (non)decision makers without giving any sort of informed, logical solution to the problem.

Yes, we’ve elected them. Yes, their job is to work for us, the people. But their job isn’t to pander to our every demand. If that were completely the case, our existence would be filled with chaos and disarray.

Imagine what it would be like if our government fulfilled every whim of every citizen. The problem is a plethora of divergent ideologies held by “We, the people,” which cannot all be successfully satisfied.

A utopian society ran solely by individual desires cannot exist because our individual desires are at war with one another’s. Wouldn’t it be dandy if we could all have whatever we wanted?

But the nature of possession suggests that one obtains what another cannot have.

Instead we would settle if both parties would just agree on a budget, freeing the government to operate as usual and everyone to forget about their menial, daily, un-glorified tasks. When things go right, such as every other year when the budget is agreed upon, nobody bats an eye.


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