Accessories in style can ‘make or break’ more than the day’s ensemble


Fashion is a trend. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “trend” in two ways. The first way: a general direction of change; a way of behaving, proceeding, etc. The second way: something that is currently popular or fashionable.

Both definitions lead us to one thing; a trend is ever- changing. What I find interesting about trends is the small detail in them—and I don’t mean makeup or hairstyle.

What I find truly interesting is the importance of things like earrings and shoes. For some reason, that I can’t determine, earrings and shoes can be detrimental to what “make or break” an outfit.

I would never refer to myself as a “fashionista” or generally as a person with “good style.” I don’t know or care about what celebrities are wearing this season or the next. What I do know is that I wear what I like. One may think that this is a simple outlook on what to wear and what not to wear. On the other hand, it actually makes it quite difficult.

To start off, no, I do not care to impress those around me nor do I care what they think or if they happen to criticize what I choose to wear.

Photo Illustration by Brian Cantore / Photo Editor

Photo Illustration by Brian Cantore / Photo Editor

The thing that tricks me is that I, myself, just might care a little bit too much about my attire for the day.

Again, not because of what others choose to critique about my ensemble, but because the ‘outfit of the day’ pretty much determines how my day is going to go.

For instance, if I roll out of bed and throw on sweat pants and a sweatshirt, there is a much stronger chance that I am going to mosey over back to my house in between work and classes to take a nap since I’d been so physically comfortable all day.

That’s not to say it is like this for everybody. However, even though I like to be comfortable as well, my body and mind pairs the two as lazy and unproductive.

If I know I have a long day ahead of me, I’ll (reluctantly) throw on a pair of jeans, boots and a sweater. This way, my physical appearance in my mind tells me that I have to get through the day with no laziness, and at the end of the day I can reward myself of my hard work by swapping out the fitted jeans for a pair of loose, fuzzy, cozy sweatpants.

The days that I go to work, I try to dress as business casual as I can while also being comfortable and without looking like I am the Dean of Students at KSC herself.

It’s these kind of outfits at which small details can drive me crazy. Not in a bad way, though.

Such accessories like earrings (or any jewelry), shoes, scarves or headbands bring me to a whole new world of decision-making.

Thoughts flood my mind such as, “this doesn’t go with that, but that would go really well with this if I changed this and put on that, but then my earrings look stupid and I have to take off the headband, so I need different shoes.”

Sounds like quite the tizzy to go through every morning. Perhaps it’s part of being a girl, but who knows? I would say it’s just that I care about my physical presence for reasons other than just to “look good.”

If that were the case, I’d be wearing chestnut Uggs, black yoga pants with a black North Face because apparently that’s what’s considered “in” on our campus. If it’s not, I guess it’s just what every girl feels like wearing very often.

Patterns seem to be a very “in” part of fashion these days. Perfect for me—I love patterns. However, this brings in another question at hand—can we mix and match patterns? Which pattern is too childish versus  a pattern that is presentable?

I notice more and more patterned tops, jeans, leggings, scarves and headbands. In my opinion, patterns allow an expressive aspect in what people wear.

With such a vast variety of them all, if I wanted to, I could safely add on a pattern piece to just about any of my outfit ensembles.

With that, I can dress-up or dress-down with them if need be.

For example, a hippie-style headband or tribal-patterned leggings might not be the best thing to wear when I show up to a job interview.

However, instead of showing up in the stuffy, white-blouse-black-pants suit, I can throw on the elegant, silky, bright-colored, patterned scarf to throw in some color and personality to what I am wearing.

Even I, myself, know it sounds dramatic and nit picky to mention the minor details. But as a girl, I can’t help but notice.

Like I said, if I’m wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt, I’m going right back to my bed after class.

If I’m wearing jeans, a sweater, scarf and a pair of my favorite dangle earrings, there’s a fat chance it is because I have a lot to do and a very slim chance that I can (nor that I should) crawl back into my bed.



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