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There’s no such thing as a “Get out of jail free card,” and you can only roll the dice once. Which is why when it comes to the real game of life, it is important to make smart decisions when it comes to handling your finances.

You won’t be able to roll and win $25,000 in one round–making it crucial for college students to find places where the can save money.

When it comes to dining in the downtown Keene area, finding the places with the most cost effective prices is what ultimately attracts students.

Senior Susanna Rainey said that her favorite place to grab breakfast is at Brewbakers Cafe. Not only does Brewbakers have food that is affordable, but they also make food of quality.

Rainey also said that Keene Fresh Salad is one of her favorite places to eat lunch.

“I like how it is locally owned and that the family works there too,” Rainey said.

However, for others, finding the perfect meal option is not always about finding the healthiest choice.

For freshman Aliza Zimmerman, Fritz’s: The Place to Eat is an option that is versatile in the types of meals that it offers. Zimmerman said that Fritz’s is a place that provides a variety of food perfect for lunch and dinner.

However, downtown Keene offers more than just basic meal options. Finding the perfect sweets can also be done in a cost effective way.

Sophomore Amber Williams said that YOLO frozen yogurt is one her favorite places to get ice cream to go.

But when it comes to finding the perfect bar for 21 year olds to attend, it is all about which location offers the least expensive prices.

Rainey said that her favorite bar to go to is Cobblestone Ale House. “It’s very cheap,” Rainey said.

Like Rainey, senior Kelsey Lynch said that Cobblestone is her favorite bar to go to too.

“We are poor college students who are looking for the cheapest places,” Lynch said.

However, Lynch and Rainey both agreed that McCue’s is the best source of entertainment in regards to the bar scene of Keene.

What attracts Lynch and Rainey to McCue’s is the student DJs who play there on Thursday and Friday nights.

“It’s a great social place,” Lynch said.

But for others who are looking to dine at a place that offers more than just the typical types of food, Keene’s ethnic restaurants offer a variety of cultural food.

Lynch and Rainey said that Thai Garden is their favorite place to dine.

But remember that finding the perfect place to dine is more than just about your preferences; it’s about maintaining a budget that fits your needs.

Remember that before you go to roll the dice, you won’t be landing on a spot that has a prize of $25,000.

It is important to map out your options and find a place that is suitable to not only your taste buds, but your bank account as well.

With this in mind, you are more likely to pass “Go” and collect $200.


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