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Republican Congressman Charlie Bass lost his re-election on Nov. 6, to his Democratic opponent Ann Kuster to represent the Second District of New Hampshire.

According to WMUR, Kuster defeated Bass by 52 to 43 percent based on the 52 percent of precincts that reported. Information gathered from the wards in Keene showed that Charlie Bass received 3,635 votes against Ann Kuster’s 7,576.

Bass is from Peterborough, New Hampshire and both Bass and Kuster are graduates of Dartmouth College. According to, Bass entered the Congress in 1994 to represent the second district and then served six consecutive terms. Bass previously ran against Kuster in 2010 and won. According to, “Prior to being re-elected to Congress in 2010, Bass served on the Board of Managers at New England Wood Pellet in Jaffrey, one of the leading producers of clean-burning wood pellets.”

Alex Bass, Charlie’s brother said during election night there are three things that his brother has done while in Congress that he supports. Bass said brother Charlie has been “very active” with environmental issues, is pro-choice, and believes Republicans and Democrats need to work together to find workable solutions rather than fighting.

According to, Charlie Bass supports the Conservation Easement Tax Deductions, which help preserve the land in New Hampshire.

Alex Bass also said the Bass family has been close to the Kuster family in the past. Alex Bass said that his aunt and uncle were close to the Kusters, and Bass would see the Kuster family about six times a month. Alex Bass said Kuster is a “perfectly nice woman” but that he believes she is too liberal for New Hampshire.

At the Peterborough Town House on election night Nicole MacStay, the assistant town administrator, said the election has gone well, “It’s gone smoothly, we’re really lucky to have sophisticated voters in New Hampshire who understand the importance [of voting].”

Election volunteer Paul Curran from Keene, New Hampshire who worked at the Ward 1 voting precinct on Marlboro Street said there has been a large turnout of student voters, and that he thinks it is a very good thing.

Sonny Dean from Merrimack, New Hampshire stood outside the Peterborough Town House holding signs for Charlie Bass and Mitt Romney. He said he voted for Bass because, “His conservative fiscal views.”  Dean said he is not a Kuster supporter because, “her policies speak for themselves.” He did add that he “crossed the island” to give a Kuster supporter a hug in front of the Town Hall and he has been standing outside holding signs for hours and is “freezing!”

Christina Dean also from Merrimack, New Hampshire said she voted for Bass because, “Mostly because he’s Republican, heard good things from him, he is better than his opponent.”

Alex Bass said, “Even if he [Bass] wasn’t my brother I would still vote for him.”

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