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Whether it’s a man dressed up as Freddy Krueger or a man dressed up as a mermaid during Pumpkin Fest in Keene, N.H., the scariest sight may be what happened in the dorms at Keene State College on Saturday night.

It is evident that even with the guest policy change students were getting into trouble. Outside of Carle Hall, a freshman dorm, Saturday night four students were stopped by Campus Safety and asked to empty all the beers they had in their backpacks. Meanwhile, another three students were heard yelling about the need to purchase marijuana outside of Carle Hall. About 12 students huddled around outside looking for the nearest party while smoking their cigarettes.

Down the road near the sophomore dorm, Butler, two male students yelled at each other asking for a fight, which ultimately did not happen. As these students stumbled down Appian Way it was apparent that neither Campus Safety nor housing and Residential Life would be able to stop events that happen on campus, but instead try to minimize them.


Director of Residential Life and Housing, Kent Drake-Deese said that this year to avoid more damages and issues the KSC guest policy changed. Drake-Deese said the reasoning behind the change was, “During Pumpkin Fest there are a truckload of high-level accidents, most of it 95 percent that is attributable not to our students but their guests.”

After the policy change, Drake-Deese said he would like to lessen the amount of damages. “You pay for that if there is a guest smashing a couch,” he said.

Amanda Warman, director of Campus Safety, said, “[Campus Safety’s] goal during Pumpkin Fest is the same as the rest of the year and that’s maximizing safety.”

Shannon Lombard, a senior and resident assistant in Carle Hall, said, “They’ve [students] have been more responsible than last year, I am surprised.” She said, “There was nothing out of the ordinary, only around five students were written-up.” She also said there was no visible damage to the dorm, and to her knowledge there were no fights or arrests made.

She said this year her biggest fear was, “People getting so intoxicated and causing harm to others and themselves,” but that, “this year has been calmer than the rest.”

Drake-Deese said two years ago, “There were brawls, groups of people on campus, assaults of students and tons of damage.” He said that two years ago students were allowed to have three guests each.

During the daytime at Pumpkin Fest, Campus Safety officers kept track of parking for students, parents, faculty, and alumni. When the sun went down however, Campus Safety took on the task of making sure intoxicated students are protected from others, but more importantly, themselves, “We try to ensure students aren’t participating or displaying behavior that is unsafe,” Warman said.

According to Drake-Deese the student reaction is mixed about the policy change. He said some of the students said that the housing office is “evil, and they can’t wait to move off campus.”

Freshman desk attendant Connor Vail said students were not angry about the new change in policy. He said some students said they were unaware of the policy change. Senior Resident Assistant Leann Lam said she thinks the Keene community could be behind the change in guests, “I think because there are so many students here damaging things during Pumpkin Fest, which the community just doesn’t want to deal with it anymore.”

Drake-Deese said the goal for Residential Life is to make sure, “everyone’s safe.”


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