Here at Keene State College, the student population actually has access to a pretty large variety of programs/conveniences that make our lives better.

We have access to printing at the library for free, access to almost all up-to-date equipment campus wide, and a “convenience store” (The Owl’s Roost) on campus.


All of these things, along with the campus’ layout, help to make the college experience nice and organized. However, there are also a lot of programs and things we have access to that get overlooked or that are used every day without a thought given to them. Or things we have access to which are actually a big deal, but a lot of people don’t even know about!

One good example is the radio station we have on campus, WKNH. I have been involved with the radio since freshman year, and am still amazed at the technology and studio we have.

The equipment we have is on the level of many radio stations that people listen to at home every day. Using the equipment gives a very complete insight to a radio DJ career. To be able to access that kind of equipment is huge, but a lot of the student population does not even know about the studio.

If you ask people about what is on the third floor of the L.P. Young Student Center, many will not have an answer for you. This is unfortunate because such a huge opportunity exists to any student here and is often unseen. The radio studio is located on the third floor of the student center, near the conference rooms, and the Equinox office.

Another unsung help around campus is access to the free shuttle. Think about how much of a hassle it would be to have to walk to the plaza where Target, Dick’s, Michael’s and other stores are. This year alone I have already had to go to the plaza four separate times. Trying to get there without the shuttle is just impossible.

The most amazing part is that we have access to the shuttle for free, just for being a KSC student. Not every college has access to a shuttle service, even at bigger schools where it might be more needed. This keeps students from being forced to have a car at school and makes it easy to get around. The driving staff is also always pleasant and helpful too, which makes taking the shuttle not bad at all.

The last benefit that goes largely unknown by a lot of students is the Owl’s Perch game room. We have access to unlimited pool and ping-pong, again, just for being a student. The equipment is all well kept and ready to use. There is a full poker table, along with cards to use. There is also an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo Wii, with multiple controllers available.

This is definitely not something the school is required to provide by any means, but has been added strictly for student entertainment. I had no idea it even existed until the second semester of my freshman year. The Owl’s Perch game room is located on the second floor of the student center, behind the pick-up window for the mail room.


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