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Student Assembly met Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 6 p.m., to discuss advances students want, a constitution for a new fraternity, the request for an amendment to the funding criteria and budget requests.

The assembly started with a presentation by Laura Seraichick, from the IT Group, who talked with the members about the new advances at Keene State College. These advances included the new Owl Card and the new MyKSC account benefits.


Seraichick then asked the members what they, and other students, want to change or be created on campus.

The members rose issues about the new Owl Card and how it would benefit the students if the card worked on local businesses around Keene.

Another idea of having wireless internet in all dorms was asked and Seraichick said they are currently working on it and should be done by January.

Phi Lambda Chi submitted a new constitution for recognition to the Constitution Committee.

The fraternity was originally called Sigma Lambda Chi a couple years ago but since then the name has changed.

The fraternity has 300 or more alumni support and 11 members so far.

They also claim to be a very diverse group of students ranging in different majors all over the spectrum. The motion to recognize the fraternity was passed.

Next on the agenda, was the  requesting of an amendment to the funding criteria with the addition of a new statement.

The statement is “Priority of funding will be given to a student or organization that will provide 20 percent of their total budgeted request through contributions of individual membership dues, organization dues, and/or fundraising.”

The Finance Committee chose 20 percent based on the evidence of organizations on campus and how they can raise the extra amount by one way or another.

Members questioned the “a student” part of the statement. Some were confused on how one student can come up with 20 percent of the total cost of a very large project such as “Relay for Life”.

After deciding that if a student needed more money they could request more funding at that point, they passed the  statement because it would make it more fair for the organizations on campus to all receive the same consideration.

The Dance Team, next, requested $7,455 for their competition. After one of their members dropped out of the team, the price decreased to $7,100 and was passed.

The team still needs to come up with $7,528 which they intend to get with sponsors and fundraising.

The Advocates for Healthy Communities Club was also requesting some funding.

After some complications last year, the members turned in the budget form too late so only 80 percent of last year’s budget was given and passed by the assembly.

The Environmental Outing Club was given $2,240 for their budget; 80 percent of last year’s budget for turning in the form too late also.

The last club to request money, and be approved, was the Students in Free Enterprise Club for a total $660, which is also 80 percent of last year’s budget.


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