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Two Keene State College students abducted a puppy from an off-campus residence on Friday, April 20 and dropped the puppy out of a second story window of Monadnock Hall, according to Ethan Kipnes, associate director of Campus Safety.

Kipnes said a call came through Campus Safety Dispatch early Friday morning from Residential Life indicating there was a dog in a dorm room.

Freshman Monadnock Hall Resident Sam Baggaley remembers the night clearly. “[The students] were drunk and they had the puppy in the building. I saw it and went into their room and told them to bring it back. When I brought the RA up they freaked out and threw the puppy out the window,” Baggaley said.

Keene Police Liason Officer John Stewart said when officers arrived on the scene nothing crime-related was in sight.

Officer Stewart said the students have been identified but their names have not yet been released. He said the students would face theft charges. In addition, if the puppy is found to be injured, the suspects would receive additional charges, he added.

“The condition of the dog is unknown at this point,” Officer Stewart said.

According to Baggaley, the students have since been removed from on-campus housing.

The Keene Police Dept. is still investigating the incident.


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