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After taking a meditation course at Keene State College, one student decided to start his own club on campus in order for other students to experience inner peace more often. Kyle Michaud, a KSC junior and president of the Gathering of the Minds meditation club, said his interest in meditating caused him to sign up for the “Introduction to Meditation” class in his sophomore year. “In the beginning, many students in the class were complaining of their anxiety and stress they have,” Michaud said.

“Meditation decreases stress and anxiety so much.” He continued by saying the class filled up fast. “There’s definitely been a huge interest in it.  But there’s only about 40 seats in the class.” Michaud said he wanted to create the club so he started talking to friends and decided to have other students in the class be a part of the executive board. Another executive board member, freshman Hersch Rothmel, explained how positive meditation has been for him.  Rothmel is the vice president of the club. “I suggested to [Michaud] that I could keep the meditation club rolling – continue the legacy after he graduates, because I’m only a freshman.”

So far, the club has met twice, in which the members have taken part in the basics of meditation.  Michaud explained they do breath focusing and “sittings,” where they become aware of their sensations and what’s going on around them. Rothmel also said they did a body scan.  He explained this consists of closing your eyes and focusing on what each body part feels. “It’s kind of a way to escape the body.” Michaud said he hopes to eventually incorporate yoga and music into each club meeting.  Rothmel expressed his interest in wanting to add music to meditation. “Meditating involves being able to feel in the moment, and music definitely helps you do that,” Rothmel said. Michaud said he also wants to extend the Gathering of the Minds meditation club off campus as well.

He added the club wants to go hiking and slow walking.  “Blissing out in the woods sounds really good to me,” Michaud said. Michaud explained his goal with the club, and what he hopes to gain from it. He said, “To have fun with it and savor the moments.”  He said he wants to help people through meditating to increase their awareness and inner peace. “You need to focus on yourself and what’s going on around you.”   .He said, “If you don’t have experience it’s a good place to begin if you haven’t meditated before.”

The Gathering of the Minds meditation club meets every Sunday at 9 p.m. in the aerobics room, located on the second floor of the Spaulding Gymnasium.


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