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On Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011 Student Assembly Chair Tyler Rines welcomed the new freshman Vice President, Kelly Welch and four Freshman Representatives, Jessica French, Caitlin Licence, Baylee Boulem and Brendan Snyder to the meeting.

Two of these freshmen, Welch and Boulem were also nominated during the meeting to be in the KSC Senate.

Vice President of Student Affairs Andy Robinson, said the KSC senate is a “good way to get involved, increase your role on campus and advocate for students.”

Robinson said the KSC senate is a governing body of the institution that makes recommendations to the provost and president of the college. The recommendations pertain mostly to the academic sector which includes items such as putting together the academic calendar and hearing every course that is proposed and approved.

Although the college senate is two thirds faculty, Robinson said the student voice is extremely important. “It is a voice that really needs to be heard,” said Robinson.

Out of the four individuals who ran for the KSC senate, three were chosen. The new members of the KSC senate for the 2011 and 2012 school years included freshman Vice President, Welch; freshman Rep., Boulem; and senior class Rep., Dayna Coleman.

In other council news, the KSC Film Society requested a budget of $28,800.00, which is 80 percent of their last year’s budget.  All council members voted in favor of this request and the film societywas granted the full amount of $28,800.00 .

KSC Film Society Vice President Chris Ruble and KSC Film Society Secretary John Correia spoke on the societies behalf. “We operate the Putnam Theater in the Redfern Arts Center and screen films weekly for the college and the community,” said Ruble.

The breakdown of their budget allots $3,030 for supplies, $2,560 for printing, $2,020 for maintenance, $13,130 for rentals, $3,030 for professional services, $3,030 for mail and $2,000 for food.

Student Assembly Chair Tyler Rines said, “There budget is large but it is proportional. They are not asking for more than they have had in the past.”

In the old business section of the meeting, Student Body President Colin Daly expressed his excitement for the mandatory student government trip to the College Camp, located a few miles south of the KSC campus.

According to the camp’s website, the College Camp remains a beloved gathering place for members of the KSC community.”

The student government trip to the College Camp is set for a 3 p.m. departure this Friday.

Daly said this trip will encompass team building activities, talk about student government as a whole and allow each office holding position to break into smaller groups.

“Its true,” said Daly. “We’re going to camp.”


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