This week’s flavor….breaking it off…for good. “C’mon people, join the single club!”  This commonly used phrase at Keene State College has captured a trend around campus.

Is it the weather? Is it the time of year? Is it because everyone is sick of what they already have? No, it just feels like the time for spring flings.

This trend also creates a domino effect among college students.

You see one couple that you thought was perfect break up, and then you feel like if they can do it so can you, and then another, and another.

For those of us who are in relationships, we are truly influenced by the peer pressure of being single.  For those of you who are single, you are truly envious of what we have.

We always want what we can’t have, so if you’re single of course you want a significant other, but once you’re sick of them and you’re ready for something new, you want what the single people have: freedom.

When you’re a freshman, relationships seem dreary. Some of you have your relationships from home, and some of you meet someone at college.

But let’s be serious; when you go to a new place and start to see all the fish in the sea, long distance does not work.

And when you start a relationship freshman year you miss out on a lot.

When you’re a sophomore you start to wonder, “Oh wow I really may not meet my future husband/wife if I am still single at this point.”

So you begin to think about being serious, but the thought of it scares you.

By the time you’re a junior, if you have stayed in a relationship all throughout college you will probably find yourself looking for something you already have, or perhaps even start to scare yourself with the fact this person will be it for you.

And when this feeling sinks in you may begin to make mistakes like lying and cheating.

Finally, you’re a senior, and you say to yourself, “I am ready to settle down, and they could be the one for my future.”

Then before you know it, it’s spring time and you’re on vacation meeting people you never knew existed and start to question what you really want in life.

All these thoughts are mind games that we all play, whether we are the single ones or the ones tied down.

Truthfully, no matter what you have, no matter how good you have it, you will still always wonder: what if? Because everyone always wants what they don’t have; being single or being wifed up.

College is one of the best times of your life, where all your memories will be made, and where you are still able to live your life before the “real world” hits you. So take everything with a grain of salt, do what feels right for you at that time and moment, and never be judgmental of what you or anyone else does, because you’re young.

You have all four years to make mistakes and learn from them to build a steady healthy future for your love life.


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