One KSC guitarist creating a ‘revolution’ in local band

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I sat down with Morgan Little, guitarist of the local band “The Mild Revolution.”

MacLennan: Were you always drawn to folk music?

Morgan Little: I started playing the guitar around age 10. My father always played us songs on his guitar and sang with us so it was just expected that I would learn someday. And That’s where the folk side of things comes in too. He always used to play Johnny Cash and Cat Stevens and The Beatles, so when I started playing I learned all of those songs first.

MacLennan: Did you always write your own music?

Little: I first started writing my own music because one day I went and saw Lost in Translation with my grandmother. After the movie she bought me two things 1. A harmonica and 2. Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are-A-Changing.” That record really changed my life because I saw Bob Dylan as everything I wanted to be. He was a one man band that had these beautiful songs and he stood there so confidently. I have been writing ever since and I know that its because of that record and time period in my life.

MacLennan: Is the Mild Revolution a creative vehicle for you?

Little: When I started the Mild Revolution in 2006, it was just a moniker. I didn’t like seeing Morgan Little on posters for shows because I was so nervous that no one would show up. But now it’s an actual band. I still write the music but it’s never set in stone. Matt Caputo and I really mesh these days, and we are back with Dan O’Rourke now too, which he really adds a whole other level to the sound. It’s not just me. Everyone in the group does their own thing and that’s how we get the songs.

MacLennan: How has your sound changed since you first started to play music?

Little: Every show we play sounds different. Now we have Tim Stone and Dan O’Rourke playing with us, our set is going to completely change again. We actually catch some slack from people for changing too often but I think that’s what makes the band different from everybody else around. It’s a completely different show each time.

MacLennan: Any particular writing process?

Little: Lyrics are the most important for me to start with. If the lyrics are not exciting me, the song will never develop. I write the music I write for people to listen to it and to have them care about it, and any song that I care about has great lyrics or no lyrics.

MacLennan: Who are your influences?

Little: Bob Dylan & Springsteen always, but more recently The Weavers, Woody Guthrie, and The Avett Brothers. Recently I have been listening to the new Bright Eyes record, Tim Kasher’s solo record, and I’m still listening to The 123’s record. I find that I have been listening to a lot more Keene music than anything else lately.

MacLennan: How would you describe your music to the new listener?

Little: I would describe it as indie-throw-back-stoner-folk. Does that make any sense? Really I just tell people to come and see us play. When Adam Hogue started playing with us he and I took on this very laid back attitude. I remember he said, “Lets just play our shows like we have nothing to prove.” And that’s how it has been ever since. It’s a party when we play, and that’s the goal.

MacLennan: Are you frustrated musically at all?

Little: ALWAYS! I was this week because we are gearing up for our show this week at The Starving Artist and I was feeling really down about it, but I went to Dan O’Rourke’s last night and we jammed out and it totally rejuvenated me. When I get down I just need to remember the talent I play with and I forget the troubles.

MacLennan: Any new shows or music coming up?

Little: We are limiting the shows, around once a month. But there is always new music. I run a blog at and I post new songs every week. I also offer free downloads for almost all the songs I post.

MacLennan: Anything else you’d like to say about your musical career thus far?

Little:  Listen to the Mild Revolution. That is all.


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