This week’s flavor…Jersey Chasers.

Girls, this one’s for you!  He walks by you with his teammates and gives you a smirk; you turn around and notice him laughing with all his friends shortly after. Why?

Because he just told them about you two sleeping together and every little detail.

You begin to act a little insecure so you decide to go against what your friends told you to do and you text him and ask him to hang out, but he says he has practice and then “boy time.”

Now you’re unsure of your decisions, unsure as to why you are so attracted to college athletes and why you continue to be a Jersey Chaser.

No, not boys from New Jersey, but college athletes.

I am not trying to say they don’t have anything to offer because there are a lot of good guys out there who happen to play sports.

But I can’t help but bite my tongue every time someone talks about which player on which team is now playing them.  It is almost as if these college athletes can’t ever get away from “playing” the game. Not just the lacrosse game, the baseball game, the soccer game, the hockey game, the football game, but the love game.

Let’s face it, the ones who are not already taken and committed to their girlfriends only want to be committed to their sports, not you. So why do we continue to want someone who plays their game hard, and we always lose? Because we are always looking for a challenge.

But read closely girls, there is a secret cheat to winning in the end: play the game back, twice as hard. As much as we want the last word, we want to text them, we want all of their attention, they are never going to give it to us if we keep smothering them.

Think about it like basketball, when someone is experiencing heavy defense, they are just going to push by you and move to the hoop, or in this case, on to the next girl.

Sure, this is really hard work but I guess it depends on how badly you want them. Just how many games do you have to win to get to the championships, or in our cases, how many straws have to break the camel’s back.

But it’s all they know. You can’t hate on them for being players because that’s all they have been trained to do well their whole lives.

A good athlete always likes new competition and never likes to settle for the average team. So why should they settle for us girls when we were not giving them anything to compete with? They won’t!

We need to fight twice as hard, work hard but not look like we care, and keep our heads in the game and our hearts out of it. This way we will avoid getting hurt, and the awkwardness just like they wear protective equipment to avoid injuries. So what can we wear? Nothing but our pride and game faces.

If we display intimidation, confidence, and courage and let go of our old ways of being insecure, acting like psychos, and actually giving a damn, we will no longer be the Jersey Chasers but the Jersey Holders.


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