Keene State put pressure on Union early in the first quarter. Union worked to save the first shot attempt of the game, taken by Keene State’s Emma Cahoon within the first three minutes. The first quarter saw the ball consistently in motion, with many changes in possessions. The first quarter ended off at a standstill with a score of 0-0.

The second quarter began with an early push from Keene State’s offense. Within the first five minutes, Grace Bazin got the first goal of the game for Keene State. Union tried to make a push on goal, but with multiple saves by Molly Edmark, the ball was sent back into play. Keene State and Union continued a back and forth pattern in ball movement, but as the second quarter drew to a close, the score saw Keene State up on Union 1-0.

In the third quarter, Union tried to make a dent in Keene State’s 1-0 advantage, and with a huge push from Union, they got their first goal with 9:30 on the clock. With an unsuccessful attempt at a retaliation and a big push from Irini Stefanakos, Keene State was unable to take the lead back, seeing the quarter end with a tie game at 1-1.

As the fourth quarter started, Keene State immediately pressed Union in a hope to take the lead again. A change in possession for the first five minutes of the game saw pressure from both Keene State and Union, with Keene State goalie Edmark making multiple saves before the nine-minute mark, overall racking up over 10 saves this game. With a minute left, Union pressed hard, scoring a goal on Keene State to finish the game 2-1.

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The Equinox wrote a recap of a regular season field hockey
game and it was written as a quarterfinal game.
The Equinox apologizes for these errors. 

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