Importance of involvement

Student involvement has the potential to assist Keene State students with both mental health and professionalism, two major aspects of a college student’s life.

Sometimes there is not a lot to do in Keene, so any students just go back to their dorm after class or getting something to eat. The editors at The Equinox feel it is imperative for students to be more involved on campus.

A lot of students who struggle with social anxiety might be discouraged at the thought of going outside and talking with new people. Taking action, however, will help decrease social anxiety, making it easier and easier each time you go to an event or club meeting.

It forces someone out of their comfort zone and lets them do something fun after the hard work they do in class. It is also a great way to make friends for people who may feel lonely. If frequent socializing is not something a student enjoys, it is worth knowing student involvement will help on a professional level as well. A lot of employers look at what students are doing outside of class when searching for someone to hire. Joining student organizations will really help those who want to get ahead in life.

If social and professional development does not sound appealing to someone on a personal level, maybe human empathy could persuade someone to go to events. A lot of the events on campus are musical recitals and sports games. It would mean so much to the students who participate in these events to be cheered on and supported. It is worth considering how important it is to them to feel supported.

The more people go to events and organizations, the more the college will be able to provide them. If someone does not want to go for themselves, they can certainly go for their fellow students.

It is possible there are students who are unaware of the events that go on. There is a calendar of events on the college’s website, but students need to go out of their way to find it. Some of the events are not even listed on it, such as the bingo and karaoke nights. They were listed last semester but not this semester, making it possible for some students who would like to go to not realize when it happens.

We believe the college should do more to alert students about what is happening on campus. Instead of it being up to the students to search for the calendar of events, Keene State College should provide a weekly email about what is happening for the week.

We also think more events should take place on the weekends. Sometimes there is not much to do on the weekends, so there could be more to ensure students have something to do. It might be scary to get involved at first, but it will get better when going more frequently. If you do not try to get involved, then you only have yourself to blame when the progress of you and other students is hindered.

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