Students are preparing for finals and the end of the spring semester, as well as the upcoming academic year. As finals week approaches, some students at Keene State College share their feelings about the end of the academic year.

Junior Rebecca Montaufray is feeling bittersweet about the end of the semester. “I’m excited but I guess I’m a little sad because I’m going to leave my roommates,” Montaufray said. When asked about how she was feeling about her finals, Montaufray stated, “I only have one so I’m not too stressed and I feel pretty confident about it”.

Montaufray had a similar hopefulness when asked about how she was feeling about next semester, “I’m excited for my courses and the new year starting off,” she said. First-year Kiara Hodge, is feeling similar to Montaufray.

When asked about how she was feeling about the end of the semester and finals, Hodge stated that “I’m a little relieved I won’t lie. I’m definitely a little stressed with all the finals, but I’ll miss all my friends”. Hodge gave further details about her finals stating, “I only have two finals, and they’re exams, but I think I’ll do good,” she said.

Sheyann Seymour, Keene State sophomore, said she feels like finals crept up on her. “I feel it’s happening all too fast. These past few weeks have all happened in a blink,” she stated.

Despite her feelings about finals, Seymour said she is still looking forward to the next semester, “I’m very excited. I’m taking a lot of courses I’m excited for.”

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