From the Sydney Opera House to Carnegie Hall, Keene State senior Kyle Trombley has been following his passion for music his whole life.

In addition to a music degree, Trombley also attended Keene State to obtain a degree in computer science.

Trombley’s choir professor, Dr. Sandra Howard, said that he is a strong musician in the department.

“Kyle’s been an excellent member of the music department. He’s been a great contributor to our ensembles, musically, he’s innovative, he’s led our ACDA student chapter, he’s a go-to person when the college has big events,” Howard said. “I think there’s a lot that Kyle does, because he wants the music department to succeed and he sees that his participation can help that and so I really appreciate that as a faculty member.” Trombley said that his education stems from his curiosity.

“We’re never gonna stop learning…that’s kept me going…the fascination with learning and asking questions like, ‘Why?’ Always ask why,” Trombley said. Trombley has been interested in music since elementary school and has kept with his passion since.

“I’ve been a vocalist for the longest time, but then…late elementary school, early middle school, I started taking piano lessons. And I just started getting more curious about… what other opportunities were out there,” Trombley said. “…I had some really great music educators that have kind of driven me into the world of music.”

Dr. Christina Wright-Ivanova has worked closely with Trombley as his piano professor and described him as a dedicated student throughout his time at KSC.

“Over the three and a half years I’ve known him, he’s worked really hard. He’s a very committed student, and he’s one of the most well rounded individuals that I know in the department,” Wright-Ivanova said. Trombley said that dedication is a huge part of pursuing music as a career.

“They don’t lie when they say it’s the blood sweat and tears…you have to really, really love what you’re doing to stay in this…if you don’t, you’re miserable,” Trombley said. “You burn out, you don’t know what’s going on and you just fall off the tracks… dedication definitely has to be there.”

Trombley’s dedication has led him to perform in places such as Carnegie Hall and The Sydney Opera House.

“I had to fundraise my butt off because I was in high school, and I couldn’t afford like three or $4,000 for a plane ticket and then the program itself,” Trombley said. “ So I fundraised, I played at wineries. I played at craft shows, I played on the streets. I mean, I did a lot to try and fundraise and to get there…It’s an awesome opportunity.”

In addition to performing internationally, Trombley performs locally as the Music Minister at the First Congregational Church in Swanzey, N.H..

“I started when I was 16…I was young…I needed a job…I looked at it as, ‘Okay, this is relevant work experience.’… since I liked directing and doing the practice and rehearsal leading…I kind of felt like, ‘Okay, this job will be really a good fit for me…I’m going to learn some musical things that I don’t already know,” Trombley said. “I’m going to get better at piano. I’m gonna get better at teaching voice and maybe even teaching piano if I have that opportunity.’…I’ve been dedicated to the church forever… and I’m not religious… I’m here because I’m there and dedicated to the music.”

Post-graduation, Trombley said he hopes to attain a master’s degree and then a doctorate degree, with the ultimate goal of being a college music professor. Trombley said that his attitude toward his goals was, “Never stop, take the opportunities that you can, and always give it your best.”

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“He’s a very committed student, and he’s one of the most well rounded individuals that I know in the department,”

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