First-year basketball player makes a determined start to his career at KSC

It takes a lot to really get into a sport. And first year student Octavio Brito from Lincoln, Rhode Island, stands out as a firstyear player with many skills.

Brito first learned how to play basketball thanks to the help of his older brother, who now inspires him and drives him to keep getting better. Brito found interest in basketball after discovering a team at Lincoln High School in Lincoln, RI and he has been playing basketball for about nine years now. “I love to showcase my talents for the people in the stands,” said Brito. “I want to become a pro, and maybe even play overseas after graduation.”

When asked about how Brito found Keene State, he said he liked the culture and felt like he would be taken care of. Brito said he aims to achieve the Rookie of the Year award, and also hopes to win the Little East Conference [LEC] Championship. “It’s been fun playing in front of fans again. Being able to showcase my talents for people in the stands,” said Brito. He expressed his gratitude for being able to play on the court with his teammates, and feels a special bond between them.

Jeff Hunter, a junior from Hudson, Massachusetts, shared his experience working with Brito. “I think Octavio brings a spark that a lot of [first-year’s] don’t have with college basketball. He’s a good fit, and plays hard,” said Hunter. Hunter also said that Brito has adjusted to the scenario of college basketball very quickly. “He came in, he was willing to be coachable and has the motivation to get better. He gets things done, on and off the court,” said Hunter. “I know he’s going to work hard, he is very athletic and plays solid defense, he’s a solid player,” said Hunter.

Men’s basketball head coach, Ryan Cain, shared that Brito is strong and athletic. “He’s been tremendous, he has a terrific attitude, always has a smile on his face, he brings an element where he’s ready to play. He’s a great player,” said Cain. “He’s got a really good attitude, a great mindset.”

Cain also shared that Brito has done well with his transition from high school basketball to college basketball. “He’s impressive for a first-year guy, he has a lot of experience, he has blended in and fits very well with the team. He’s done a nice job fitting in,” said Cain.

Brito also looks for ways to improve. According to Cain, “He comes to my office the day after every game. He’s always going over ways he can improve. He is consistently fighting to improve. He’s very committed. Octavio is strong at a lot of things. He is a great shooter, good defensive, good rebound. He doesn’t have just one specific strength.”

Cain added, “He’s such a great young man. He’s as great a player as he is a person.”

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