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Two students reached a settlement with Keene State College regarding the March 16, 2020 arrests from an on-campus dorm. 

The former Keene State students, Khady Badiane and Tyler Clavelle, entered into negotiations with the school at some point during the Spring 2021 semester. 

The Equinox obtained the settlement via a public records request. 

The settlement, signed by the students on May 24, states that Badiane and Clavelle “waive…all possible claims against KSC…this includes claims or matters arising out of or related” to the March 2020 incident. 

The settlement came with a non-disparagement agreement, which states Badiane and Clavelle cannot “write, post, say or do anything that would tend to damage or lower the reputation of KSC, its programs, students, trustees, officers, or employees.” 

Part of the non-disparagement agreement comes with the takedown of the GoFundMe set up by Badiane to pay for lawyer fees and other expenses. The agreement says that the GoFundMe page can only display the message, “Thank you for your support.” 

The agreement also says that the college can also only issue a public statement saying, “Keene State College and two former students, Khady Badiane and Tyler Clavelle, have mutually agreed to resolve their differences without litigation. All involved recognize it is most beneficial for everyone to conclude this case. This outcome is mutually acceptable to both the students and KSC.” 

According to the agreement, if the two former students fail to comply with the non-disparagement agreement, KSC is entitled to “pursue all available legal and equitable remedies KSC may have against the Students [Badiane and Clavelle], including but not limited to specific enforcement of this agreement. 

In exchange for this, Keene State will waive the debts owed by Badiane and Clavelle, valued at $8,403 and $14,375 respectively. KSC will also provide $4,700 each to the couple for “certain services,” the details of which were redacted, “to protect the privacy rights of the students,” according to KSC spokeswoman Kelly Ricuarte. 

The college will allow Badiane to complete her degree remotely at no cost, or until she withdraws from the school, or “otherwise engage[s] in behavior or omissions that would constitute an ‘incomplete’ for students attending KSC in person.” 

 The agreement will also give Clavelle $5,000 “for future educational or other personal advancement opportunities.” 

Finally, the agreement will provide Badiane and Clavelle copies of their transcripts, which will have no disciplinary notations. 

Should either party dispute any of the agreements made in the settlement, their case will be heard by the New Hampshire Superior Court. 

Sarah Spykman, KSC Communications Coordinator, told The Equinox “President Treadwell cannot provide further information on the settlement.” Badiane also declined to comment. 


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