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Lydia Mardin
Equinox Staff

As we slowly witness regulations being lifted and politicians making stances on healthy protocol, we can really see how our world is being changed since the vaccine. I, personally, really think that the vaccine is great. I’ve had both of my doses and many people I know are working on getting theirs too. We truly live in a really good time and this vaccine has already proven how good and effective it is which is really great. For most people, getting the vaccine and being able to be protected against COVID is incentive enough to get their vaccines but there are other fun incentives from companies and brands all around that offer promotions for showing your vaccine card.

There are many promotions and incentives for getting the vaccine in a lot of places. Many are multiple hours from Keene but if you happen to be around you should take advantage of these! For instance, at Krispy Kreme, you can get a free donut for proving that you have been vaccinated and at Staples they will laminate your vaccine card for free for you. I know I will be getting my vaccine card laminated as soon as possible, just to make sure nothing bad happens to it. The state of New York was offering free ticket to multiple areas around the state for getting vaccinated including the Botanical Gardens, the City Aquarium, the City Ferry and many sporting events of minor league teams out of New York as well as the New York Mets and the Yankees are giving out free tickets if you get vaccinated at their stadiums. I think there are so many incentives in New York, especially because they were one of the states to get hit the hardest.

Many larger corporations are offering easy ways to get their employees vaccinated too. Amazon is setting up vaccine clinics on-site and offering an $80 bonus for current employees to get their vaccines and $100 for new hires to get theirs. According to Lyft’s website, they are offering free rides through their company to vaccine appointments.

Additionally, Uber is starting to roll this out to regular users too. While, according to, Kroger, Walmart and Albertsons also offer cash bonuses to their employees to get their vaccinations. I think it is really great that these companies are offering help to their employees in these ways as it is not only making their employees safer, but it is also ensuring the health and safety of the employees who go and shop at these stores.

I think it is really great how many incentives and promotions that are running in the country right now and obviously there are many more than just the ones I mentioned here. If you want to take advantage of these offers or even if you want to be safe from coronavirus, be sure to get your vaccine and take advantage of the security it can provide to you. As always, do your research and be safe even if you do have the vaccine or are still waiting to get your doses.


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