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On Tuesday, May 11, Keene State College’s Social Activities Council (SAC) held their Stuff-a-Plush event.

Keene State College’s Student Involvement Concert Coordinator Casey Brown said the Stuff-a-Plush event happens once a semester due to its popularity. Brown explained, “[The] Social Activities Council tries to put on the plush event once a semester. It is an event that really runs itself, as it has just so much interest in [the] student body, everybody wants stuffed animals, and why wouldn’t we want to give them away when people are asking for them?”

Brown said the choice of the plushes comes from the supplier. Brown explained, “We use Party Vision. They’re based out of New Hampshire, and they are super reliable, and make sure that we always get our supplies. And we also have a really great relationship with them.”

Brown also said that modifying the event to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines was less of a headache than some of the other modifications they had to make. Brown said, “Because this event is a grab-and-go, we were able to just move it outside during the week after we got our supplies in. And yeah, it was a pretty easy modification for this event.”

Similar to the D.I.Y. air plant event held earlier in the semester, Keene State’s Stuff-a-Plush event also had a crafts area for students. Brown explained, “We try to provide some space for people to do, sort of like, stuffed animal stuffing.”

The event organizers were able to vote on what plushies were offered to students. Brown said, “Our event coordinator brings to the G.Ms, the general members, a PowerPoint of like about 20 options and then we vote to narrow it down to 10. So it’s up to our event coordinator to come up with that initial list, but then our general members have a say in what comes.”


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