Gina Carano of “The Mandalorian” fame will not be returning to the show after a dispute on Twitter this past week. Carano had tweeted out many things that were cause for concern but the one that lead to this situation and her being fired from Lucasfilm was one in which she compared being a Republican in 2021 to being Jewish during the Holocaust. To say I have many problems with this would be a tremendous understatement.

As a conservative on this campus, I can say I have felt discrimination before; people perceive me as very different than who I actually am. While I do not think that is right to do, I am too nervous to bring it up as I know what I face is different from others who face these issues too and I do not want to downplay others’ struggles. However, I would never, ever compare my place in society to that of a Jewish person during the Holocaust, an event in which over six million people were wrongfully murdered in. There are people in this country and around the world who have had terrible things happen to them. There are actual genocides and mass atrocities happening on Earth right now, people are actually dying right now because of real problems.

Gina has also been on Twitter calling out mask wearers for wearing masks to not catch coronavirus and also suggesting voter fraud in this most recent presidential election, something that has been suggested by many since November of 2020. Both of which are completely uncalled for. Many fans of Carano and any of her works have been calling for the celebrity to be canceled after this series of tweets. While I personally do not think canceling celebrities and influencers is the way to go, I do think that you cannot make comments and accusations like these and expect not to face consequences.

Personally, I think that ‘Cancel Culture’ is not the way to go. I think canceling people is really toxic and eliminates any dialogues or learning people can do from these things. Instead of canceling Gina Carano, we should use these things to help educate others about real-world issues and what history looks like for other people.

Furthermore, I believe that celebrities should not be in politics. At the Oscars or the Grammys or really any award show every year people will win and then go to the podium to speak but they do not thank anyone who got them there or their producers or say anything related to the award they just won. Instead, they will use that as a chance to voice concerns they have for another issue. While I think it is important to voice your opinions on things that matter, the public wants you to win because they liked your performance. An actor or a musician is not a politician or some spokesperson. Democrat or Republican, I think people should stay doing what they are good at.


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