Student Government Advisor Jen Ferrell informed the student assembly about the possible changes in Keene State College’s grab-n-go board meal dining option Hoot-n-Scoot. Ferrell presented two options: Hoot-n-Scoot mirroring Lloyd’s or make it a pick-and-choose food place with options of food like tacos, nachos and tortillas. All the student leaders in the room favored the second option of making it a pick-and-choose food place. Ferrell said whatever they decide, the email equivalency will still be there.

Ferrell also asked the student leaders to attend the Town Hall meeting on Thursday, November 12. She asked leaders to encourage their friends to participate. She also said that the Town Hall will be focused on the Spring semester, preview of how testing will work and pre-arrival. The Town Hall will also provide an opportunity for students to ask questions.

Ferrell notified the leaders that next week’s meeting will be attended by the Interim Vice President of Finance and some other people in the finance committee to go over the budget for the next semester.

Student Body president Davis Bernstein asked the leaders to be more careful on the last few days on campus as the cases in New Hampshire, Keene, and Cheshire County are rising.

Bernstein also said that the initial numbers received from Ward 1 tells that about 75% on campus KSC students voted this election.

Furthermore, representatives from different classes presented their plans for their classes for this semester.


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