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The KSC Athletics Department is ending the semester strong with a new $20 for 2020 fundraiser.

The Athletics Department launched a new fundraiser to help with funds for new uniform purchases as well as other required sports gear and transportation. All student-athletes are participating in the department wide fundraiser. The Athletics Department will use most of their funds towards their uniform purchases but with the pandemic creating issues, the department has been changing how they do things.

The Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Information Compliance & Operations Abe Osheyack says, “Our travel expenses have definitely increased, sports teams have had to socially distance on busses when traveling so that can sometimes require two busses.” This creates more expenses that the Athletics Department has to fund for this year making the $20 for 2020 an important fundraiser.

After COVID-19 struck, the sports teams have found it especially hard to fundraise throughout the year.

Patrick Shaughnessy, the Interim Annual Giving Manager says, “The Athletic department was hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond not being able to finish their spring seasons, or begin their fall seasons, Athletics was also not able to host their annual Golf Classic in June. That tournament is one of Athletics’ largest fundraisers of the year so they needed a way to make up that gap.”

“With coronavirus playing a factor this year, the athletics department has run into several challenges”, says Osheyack.

The Athletics Department originally does a calendar raffle in the fall and for the month of October athletes would sell calendars for their team. Each calendar an athlete sold was an entry into a raffle for prizes all the way from Keene State gear to a loaded visa gift card.

Abe Osheyack says, “With COVID changing how we do everything, we’ve had to come up with different ways that we can do a fundraiser and $20 for 2020 is a great one we came up with.”

The school fundraiser was created by Director of Athletics Phil Racicot and Abe Osheyack as a replacement for the calendar raffle they typically do in the fall and the Golf Classic fundraiser they do in the spring. The $20 for 2020 fundraiser is lasting for 20 days following the 2020 theme and started on November 5 and is running till November 25.

Abe Osheyack says, “the Athletic Departments goal for the fundraiser is set at 15,000 dollars, which is about how much we would net after expenses on the calendar raffle we would typically do in a given year.”

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