Keene State’s fall semester performance

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As emails from every faculty and staff member will tell you, this semester has been an unprecedented one. As the semester comes to a close, The Equinox editorial board believes the semester has, overall, gone surprisingly well. The Equinox is surprised, but nonetheless grateful that the student body made it to the end of the semester without having to go completely remote early on.

One major event that all students have gone through this semester was COVID testing, and The Equinox believes that overall, the testing went well. Amazingly, the college only had 19 positive cases this semester, and The Equinox believes that this is in part to students following the COVID-19 policies and guidelines that the college set before arrival. Overall, The Equinox believes that the testing process went well and the only complaints The Equinox had is that some students had problems receiving their test results, but this is more the Quest to blame for.

The Equinox is very surprised with the students’ compliance with the COVID regulations including capacity limits, mask wearing and general social distancing. The Equinox is also surprised that students followed the rules so well, considering that Keene State College holds a ‘party school’ reputation.

The Equinox felt that there was not enough on-campus activities at the beginning of the semester. However, The Equinox believes that this was in part due to the college testing out if there was going to be significant transmission of the virus.

Thankfully, towards the end of the semester, the college provided more on-campus activities for students to participate in such as Halloweekend. The Equinox agrees that this brought a sense of community back to the campus, but ultimately wishes that the activities were put on all semester.

The Equinox believes that Keene State College did a good job with keeping students safe throughout the semester.

Although The Equinox thinks that Keene State College did a good job, we also believe that the college does have some things to improve on for the spring semester.

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