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Along with other Halloween-themed events put on last week, Keene State College Body Works put on their annual Halloween Zumba.

Instructed by Faith Pudio and Tania Loya, graduates from 2019, and Lindsay Gibbons, a current senior, the event took place in the recreation center in the gym on the third floor. Sign-ups were not required ,but the class was limited to 15 participants to ensure social distancing. It was first come first serve but no one had to be turned away.

The playlist was encouraged the Halloween spirit. KSC senior Hannah Hoffmaster was one student who was drawn to this Zumba event. She said that she had decided to go to Halloween Zumba with her friend to have a more exciting workout.

“Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday; who could go wrong with the scary movies and costumes?” said Hoffmaster.

Along with the fun and festive music, this event was perfect for the spooky season. Hoffmaster shared that she loved the songs they had chosen for the set. Some songs included in the setlist were “The Monster Mash”, “Ghostbusters” and, of course, “Thriller”. Some of the dances were inspired by the actual routines that go with the songs themselves, while others just went with the beat. The songs varied in pace and difficulty, she explained, but, “Overall it was a super fun workout!”


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