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For students in Keene State’s music programs, senior recitals provide a platform for students to display what they have learned throughout their four years in the program. These recitals are a product of years of preparation and training.

On Saturday, October 17, Keene State senior Lucas Mendelsohn got to showcase his talents at his senior recital. This performance allowed Mendelsohn to show friends, family and his colleagues the evolution he has gone through as a vocalist.

“This recital meant a lot to me. I mean, a senior recital is in some ways the pinnacle for a performance major’s college career, and personally, after all of the hard work over four years, it is a huge moment to share with my family and friends. It was a chance to show how I’ve improved and what I’ve learned.” said Mendelsohn.

COVID-19 has set many roadblocks for live performances, but Mendelsohn’s recital still found its way to the stage. It was all done while still abiding by social distancing guidelines set by the college and the state of New Hampshire.

“Lucas’ recital is honestly one of the first live, full-length undergraduate voice recitals that I am aware of taking place since COVID-19. There were many factors that caused this to be a difficult, but extremely rewarding experience,” said Mendelsohn’s voice teacher Dr. Daniel Carberg.

“The pandemic made it especially difficult this year because of the mask wearing, social distancing and irregularity in rehearsals. That being said, there are many colleges right now that aren’t allowing in person singing to take place at all. I feel incredibly lucky to be in a place where we can safely proceed with in person recitals.” said Mendelsohn.

Nevertheless, the recital was performed as planned. For more information about music events, concerts and recitals, visit the Redfern Arts Center website.


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