New Hampshire ranked 21st for most health policy action taken during the pandemic according to a recent study titled “Health Policy Action During the Pandemic,” conducted by QuoteWizard, an organization that analyzes proprietary and state-level data to create national reports across varying industries, including healthcare and policy.

The study surveyed Kaiser Family Foundation data to view coronavirus policies put into place by each state.

The study looked at various policies including: waive cost sharing for COVID-19 treatment, free cost vaccine when available and paid sick leave.

The way QuoteWizard came to its conclusion about where to place the states in order from most action to least, was through a scoring system. According to the study, “Each health policy was scored on a scale of one to zero, with one being full policy action and zero being no action. States that scored the highest in the seven categories were states that are considered to have taken the fullest health policy action in response to COVID-19.”

The study found that Massachusetts, Maryland and New York placed in the top three, as they scored the highest.

Additionally, the study analyzed opinions on coronavirus expenses and found that “68 percent of people say that out-of-pocket expenses would be a driving force in whether or not to seek treatment for COVID-19.”

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