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2020 continues to prove itself as a remarkably odd and, arguably, unsatisfactory year. Americans are finding themselves asking the question of whether or not the situation will get worse before it gets better. Specifically, Californians are now experiencing some of the worst wildfires in history rampage through their state with no end in a sight. California and the rest of the west coast does indeed experience wildfires like this every year, but the mass of what is being destroyed now compared to previous years is far too great to ignore. In fact, the amount of land that is currently being burnt to a crisp in America is about six times more than 2019’s. With a couple more months to go in the year, it’s safe to say that the numbers will only rise as it proceeds.

Thousands of people are now facing immense hardships due to losing their homes and belongings in the fires. This is all thanks to one family who decided to take it upon themselves and use some type of fireworks or pyrotechnic device to reveal the gender of their new baby, which I suppose was a big deal to them. A malfunction in the machine led to wildfires being ablaze in three different states. Although it sounds like a hopeless situation, there are many organizations and first responders working as hard as they can to take control of the wildfires and restore the peace. Even if you are on the other side of the country, there are countless ways to directly help the effort if you have the drive and ability to do so.

The Red Cross organization is actively out in California and they have also been sent out to Oregon and Washington to aid with the unstoppable spread to the surrounding states. They aim to help families who lost their homes and provide them with free meals and hospital care. Donations to the Red Cross can go a long way to the thousands who have just experienced the tragedies of a lifetime.

While it is extremely important to help those families get back on their feet, it is just as important to donate to organizations that assist first responders and firemen who are injured or lose their life in the line of combat. The Wildland Firefighter association does just that; it financially supports the families of those who had a member that was first responder get seriously injured or die. This is definitely one of the ideal ways to give back to those who risk their lives for the greater good of their community. Donating to the Wildland Firefighter Association is also an incredible way of showing those firefighters that their work certainly does not go unnoticed. It is vital to show them this so that they know they are not risking their lives everyday due to an unintelligent decision made at a gender reveal party and going unappreciated.

Any amount of money that goes to the organizations that are helping those in need during this hectic time can go a long way for someone who has just lost everything. If you are unable to do this, then you can simply spread awareness about what is occurring out on the West Coast to people who may be clueless about the issues. They might then go off and tell another person, who may tell another person who may just find the urge to donate or go provide aid to the victims. These wildfires will continue to wreak havoc throughout California and the states surrounding it unless awareness about the seriousness of the issue is understood.

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