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Bored with homework and television? Has Corona got you down? Is the world making your head spin? Well, one great way to get through this time could be participating in Zoom Crafternoon on Tuesdays at 2 p.m..

This event was created a few years ago by Program Support Assistant for LGBTQ Students and Keene State’s Office of Multicultural Student Support and Success (OMSSS) Hunter Kirschner.

This week’s Zoom crafternoon was supported by the Wellness Center as well as Coordinator of Wellness Education Tiffany Mathews. Aromatherapy Calming Playdough was the activity that Mathews decided on. She supported this selection by explaining that, “studies show that being creative and playing can help reduce your stress level and lower your heart rate.”

The materials were collected and put together in bins for students to pick up before Zoom. Those students that are unable to go to campus can notify Kirschner about what supplies are needed. This week, the materials needed were just flour, salt, water and lavender.

It was the first week this year for the Crafternoon so only one student attended. Knowing that some students have other obligations at this time on Tuesdays, Kirschner clarified that the directions could be recorded for students to follow on their own at another time.

Mathews said that craft-making gives students an opportunity to learn a new skill that they can practice on their own later. “This event series coordinated by OMSSS allows a chance for KSC students, staff and faculty to interact in a different way from how they might normally interact with each other,” stated Mathews.

Kirschner agreed and stated, “Students can take a break from classes and the world right now.” All students are given the opportunity to be involved with various craft projects, along with joining others that are interested in doing the same.

This activity gives students something to do and someone to do it with. The OMSSS hopes to “cultivate relationships” by connecting students in this way. Kirschner mentioned that he also has plans of growing the event to other days and times so all students may partake, as well as some that are in person. Announcements about this are coming up!

With the privilege and honor after working with Kirschner and OMSSS, Mathews shared that “KSC staff and faculty are here to support our students. We can help connect students to programs, services, and/or other staff!”


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