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During these extraordinarily unprecedented times, a large sum of Keene State College students have found a common enemy to rally against: Boost. 

Boost is an application for smartphones that students can download to order meals from their phones. They can then order food and beverages from a variety of different dining options on campus. Ever since I have arrived back on campus, there have been a whole assortment of issues with Boost.

One of my main issues with Boost was the initial lack of communication of the rules and guidelines when ordering from the Dining Commons and Hoot n’ Scoot. An example of this is when I ordered three burgers on the app but when I arrived at the Dining Commons to pick up my food, I was informed that there is a two item limit. I was very confused about the whole ordeal because why wouldn’t they say that there is a two item limit somewhere on the app? Apparently I wasn’t the only one to have their requests denied; one of my suitemates had his request for eight slices of Barbeque Chicken Pizza denied.

While that was a semi-reasonable request to turn down, there are countless other reasonable requests that shouldn’t be turned down. I completely understand the fact that they have to cap off people at a certain point but why even have an option to add more items on the app than the maximum amount in the first place.

Another issue with Boost is the fact that the app constantly has bugs and crashes. I understand the fact that developers cannot predict and patch up every single bug on the app but I feel like they could at least respond quicker to patching up the bugs once they are discovered. Over the past five days, I have been keeping track of how many times my Boost app crashes: as of Friday, September 4, my Boost app has crashed six times during use. This is a very obnoxious issue because all I’m trying to do is order my food ahead of time but when it keeps crashing time and time again, it makes me not want to use the app anymore.

The thing is, I’m not the only one who is bothered by this issue, I have overheard many students complain and get frustrated about Boost constantly crashing.

Normally, I prefer using mobile ordering apps whenever I want to order food because it’s way more convenient and I am able to order my food whenever, and pick it up at a later time. Yet, whenever I try to order with Boost, it either crashes or bugs out; very rarely will it actually work.

The overall issue with Boost is that it’s really not effective or convenient because of its bugs. I currently feel that Boost isn’t worth using when ordering from the Dining Commons because one can just go inside and grab everything they wanted to order and just leave without all the hassle of Boost. The only times I would use the app is when ordering from Lloyd’s Marketplace and Hoot n’ Scoot because it’s the only way to order from those places. In the end, all I have to say is that Boost blows.


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