COVID-19 has affected all of us and has even affected future plans into the summer.

Sophomore Emilyanna Ashford had plans to stay in Keene, having an apartment set up and a job doing research for the school. Ashford stated, “My plans were: student research at Keene State and live with my best friend.” However, she had to sell her apartment and move in with her parents. “I lost my summer research job and can’t afford rent in Keene so I am living at home.” Ashford talked about how COVID-19 definitely ruined her summer plans since she can no longer live with her best friend or work on research for Keene State College.

Sophomore Em Sheard also talked about how her plans were ruined. When asked if she had any summer plans she answered, “Not anymore.” Her plans were to move to Keene and look for jobs in the area. Though it may ruin her plans, Sheard said, “Yes, but what has occurred to ruin them is the right thing to do.”

Sophomore Alana Lehouillier talked about how she wasn’t sure what to do with her summer. Her original plan was to work a lot, however, Lehouiller is a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) in a care facility, and therefore it may be too dangerous for her to work at the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. Lehouilier stated, “I definitely planned on working and making bank this summer but now I don’t know If I want to risk my safety. I have a high risk of contracting it because I touch and give care to patients who have it.”

Sophomore Amanda Smith was very upset when her summer plans came to an abrupt halt. Smith stated, “I was supposed to see three different musicals in May, as well as take a trip to Vermont with my family to visit my boyfriend.” Smith also said, “All of the shows I was supposed to go see are now postponed till a later unannounced date, and I can’t visit Vermont at all because it puts my boyfriend’s family and my family at risk.”

Rhiannon Hacking’s plans were canceled as soon as the coronavirus disease hit Italy. Hacking was planning a trip to Italy this summer and talked about how because of the fact that Italy is a no travel country, due to COVID-19, the trip to Italy after the semester was canceled. Hacking also has two jobs and talked about how working in retail and food industry jobs are now a constant worry. Being exposed to so many people means high-risk factors and Hacking doesn’t want to get their family sick.

COVID-19 has greatly affected students’ summers. Students are forced to adapt to a different lifestyle and wait out this pandemic until they can resume a normal life. The CDC recommends social distancing six feet apart and wearing a mask whenever you leave the house to help prevent exposure. If you have shortness of breath, a cough and a fever, seek medical advice immediately.


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