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Adjusting from in-person to online classes can be extremely difficult.

 Keene State students were thrown into online classes due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Many students had an easy adjustment. A few, however, are not adjusting as well as they hoped. 

Keene State student Olivia Lonardo, a graphic design major, talked about how the transition was difficult for her. 

 “Showing up to class is easy, but it feels like professors are giving us a lot of ‘busy work’ that we normally wouldn’t do just so they can have something for us to do,” Lornado explained. “A lot of my professors are piling on work because they think that we have all the time in the world, which simply isn’t true. Some students still have to go to work or deal with little siblings around the house. A lot of my motivation to do work is gone since I’m home as well.”

 Leonardo also talked about how Zoom was not the most reliable and would cancel classes or cut out altogether without the professors knowledge. Another Keene state student, Emily Ashford, faces her own tribulations with online classes. 

Ashford said that although the transition is going well, labs are affecting her. 

Ashford stated, “Labs are definitely affected for me as a stem major. Not being able to do hands-on learning makes a difference in the learning experience. In the end, those are the skills we use, we won’t recite book information.”  

When asked about transitioning to learning at home, Ashford stated, “It’s been very rough, from having to go home, then back to Keene to retrieve our things on our first days of online class, as well as having my research job being turned to online. I am losing valuable time to learn about different schools for my grad school resume application.”

Other students haven’t had an easy transition, but they are only experiencing technical difficulties in a few classes. 

Keene state student Alyssa Grant said she was adjusting well to online classes because she didn’t have to leave her home and could work on her school work. 

Grant also talked about how the only stressful hiccups were when professors forgot to email assignments or when Grant missed assignments by accident. 

“I have so much time to get my school work done, mostly because I’m staying home and not going anywhere,” explained Grant.

Keene State student Rhiannon Hacking talked about how she was doing better than the first week of online classes. She only has an issue in one of her online classes at the moment and hopes that it just continues to get easier in the weeks to come. 

Keene State student Hannah Bieniek also talked about how the transition into online learning has been a “bumpy” one. Her biggest issue was focusing completely on her work.

Bieniek stated, “It’s difficult because this is brand new for everybody, professors and students alike. It’s hard to learn class material when your professor is also learning to use online format [while] students learn how to use the online format.”


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