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In the midst of all the drama the country is facing right now, many people are starting to become more thankful for the doctors and nurses who work in hospitals because they are helping keep everyone safe the best they can, given the circumstances.

Many are working overnight shifts and long hours, and some even have to spend weeks away from their families in order to keep everyone safe. The doctors and nurses are true heroes in this time of crisis and everyone should be grateful for them and be kind to them when this is all over.

Unfortunately, many hospitals and stores are facing a crisis of their own and they are running extremely short on supplies. They do not have enough masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment to treat patients while still protecting themselves from this deadly virus and not spreading it to others. Since this is also a problem many countries are facing, it is hard to transport or make more masks, gloves and other medical needs to provide the doctors and nurses with right now.

I know that New York state’s governor had asked for more medical supplies from out of the country, but I do not know how that is going to work considering that places outside of the United States are most likely facing the same problems during this pandemic. I think that maybe reaching outside of the country for more medical supplies is not the best idea, plus who is to say that the supplies used to ship these needs into the country will not carry the virus or even strains of a different virus. 

This is a shame. There is no way around it and it is really unfortunate for so many people to have to continue to do their job and take care of so many people without the proper medical equipment. Many people are resorting to making fabric and felt masks to help doctors and patients and, while the sentiment is nice, I do not know if medical professionals are allowed to use them because of the rules and regulations that come with hospital-grade materials. 

It honestly makes me so mad that people felt the need to rush to the stores to buy up masks and gloves when there are people risking their lives to take care of these people right now who can’t even have the proper equipment to make that happen. 

While I do not know what should be done, I feel like the selfish people who rushed to the stores to buy masks and gloves, among other things, should donate this stuff to the hospitals and doctors who need it more than anyone right now. Especially considering that non-essential workers should be staying home now, which means they have no need for these materials. 

All of this I’m stating should be taken with a grain of salt. I am not a medical professional, but merely just a confused college student. Please be safe and please be careful and, above everything else, stay inside.


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