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What would make a high school student want to leave their hometown to continue their education in Keene, New Hampshire?

Keene State College Associate Director of Admissions Liz Cahoon said it is the sense of community that attracts newcomers.

It is once again the time of year when many prospective high school students are preparing for the next stage of their lives. Some may be finalizing their decision on where they want to go in the fall, while others may be taking their first steps in the college selection process. Nevertheless, Keene State’s admissions office is making efforts to ease students’ on their journeys by providing information sessions and campus tours of the college.

Cahoon said these sessions and tours are meant to give possible new students an idea of daily life at Keene State.

“The sessions and tours are an opportunity for students and parents to come see the college. The overview covers campus culture and class size, but we also try to provide an introduction to campus and student life,” Cahoon said.

Information Support assistant Ellen Proshansky said the tours are also an opportunity for students to get a preview of what their life could be for the next four years.

“It’s an opportunity for them to get an overview of the campus and interact with the tour guides who are students. They can ask questions about the college and majors as well,” Proshansky said.

Cahoon added that these tours welcome high school seniors and juniors, but they get a few sophomores as well. She also mentioned that many transfer students attend these tours.

Tour guide Morgan Prittie said the tour groups are getting larger this time of year because many students are on vacation. Prittie added that these tours do a great deal in helping high schoolers make their decision for college.

“I always tell people to tour a campus. You get a feeling on whether the campus is right for you or not. Sometimes it’s love at first sight,” Prittie said.

Prittie also said that she likes to highlight the aspects of Keene State that make it unique on tours.

“I talk a lot about our unique majors. We have the only Holocaust and genocide studies major in the country, and I also like to mention our safety major for people who are unsure about what they want to do,” Prittie said.

Keene State not only offers guided tours but also hosts Admitted Student Days starting in March. Cahoon said these events give a more in-depth look at the campus and the city of Keene.

“Students and families get a snapshot of Keene. This event really seals the deal and helps them make their decision,” Cahoon said.

Proshansky said many families tell her there is a warm feeling on campus and that they love Keene.

“Some people at the end of a tour leave,” Proshansky said. “But sometimes they come back and you can see in their eyes that they have fallen in love.”

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