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The arts have been admired by millions of different kinds of people for generations. Creating art, however, is no simple task. Making a career out of it can be even more challenging. Some people believe it is unwise to have a degree in art and think it is impossible to get a job with that kind of degree. One student, however, is changing the way people view working in the arts with their hard work ethic and talent .

Atlas Weil is a student at Keene State College majoring in art. Weil, 19, is from Alstead, New Hampshire. Weil said that they have been making things their whole life. They said sophomore year of high school in particular was when they got more seriously into art and built a passion from there. Their favorite kinds of art are painting, specifically oil painting, and pottery. They are working on a painting of singer King Princess, whom Weil is a big fan of.

“There is nothing else I want to do,” Weil said. “I think a lot of [art] is coping with feelings, whether they are positive or negative, and having a way to make the way that you feel or the way that you see the world a concrete object.”

Weil transferred here after attending art school for a year. This is their second year at Keene State. Weil is graduating in three years time rather than the four years other college students typically do. They said saving money was a factor, as is typical for many college students who decide to graduate early. Aside from money, however, Weil wants to have more worldly experiences before they begin to work full time.

“I had some extra credits from high school so I could graduate early,” Weil explained, “and I figured I would rather do something outside of school and travel around a bit as opposed to just making art in college for another year when I don’t have to.”

After they graduate, Weil plans on moving to New York City and finding work there. New York is known for its artistic culture by millions, and different works of art can be found all over the city. There are also several famous art galleries throughout New York City.

“I’m hoping to get an internship or job working in a museum or gallery and continue to make art when I move to New York,” Weil said.

There are several other art majors out there, not just at Keene, but all over the world, who are just like Weil. Art majors are known to be ridiculed for their decision to major in art, but people like Weil prove that there are no limitations that come with having an art degree. It is well-understood that majoring in the arts is no easy task, but it is not impossible.

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