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Hillary Clinton is no stranger to backlash and it seems as if once again she has found herself in the middle of controversy. A recent four-part documentary series about Clinton, titled “Hillary,” focuses on  her life since the Lewinsky Scandal. Clinton also addresses elections and politics in the series. Along with this, she mentions the campaign efforts in 2016 when she beat out Bernie Sanders to be the nominee for the Democratic Party. 

In one of the episodes where she mentions the elections and Bernie Sanders, she states that “nobody likes him” and that he obtains a “toxic culture” among his supporters. In response, the Vermont senator and candidate for the Democratic nominee for president said, “this is not the kind of rhetoric we need right now,” implying that there is simply no need to say something to that accord in the midst of other more important things to focus on such as impeachment, the primaries and other social and political issues. 

Recently, former secretary Clinton also stated that she would be hesitant to support Bernie if he was to clinch the nomination from other Democrats. However, she quickly back-pedaled on Twitter, tweeting out, “the number one priority for our country and world is retiring Trump, and, as I always have, I will do whatever I can to support our nominee.” 

Sanders’ campaign was asked if he was going to address Clinton’s statements, to which they had stated that in order to run a successful election they needed to focus on the matter at hand, which would be the primaries and the impeachment. 

Personally, I think politics is a dirty game and I feel like politicians cannot expect to hear things like this and get hurt over it; in some ways many higher up officials are often times more popular than athletes, actors or singers. I also think, however, that Clinton cannot get over the fact that she is not relevant anymore and no one really cares what she has to say. Her time as a career politician is over and she cannot let it go and feels the need to cause these scenes because she needs people to pay attention to her. 

Considering the environment around Keene State, and being so close to Vermont, a lot of people like Sanders as a politician. To each their own, but I cannot say that I do. According to CNN, he is second in the pre-primary poles only to Joe Biden, which means that he is pretty well-liked. While I am a conservative and I do not hide it, I am going to put all politics aside for this next statement. 

Examining his platform as a young person, I think Sanders is old and out of touch with what life is like for younger people today. Many people assume that younger people have an idealized version of society in their heads, but I think that the same can be said about older generations and I believe they do not understand what our generation must endure. In addition to that, I think that Hillary has this same complex; older generations understand what they understand and refuse to learn what they do not. 

Essentially, I think I can speak for both major parties by saying that we need more younger officials in places of power because they will truly understand younger generations better than older generations can pretend that they do. This ties back to what Clinton said because she is looking to persuade these younger voters to other candidates strictly because she is still mad that she lost in 2016, but also because she does not want to endorse Senator Sanders if he proceeds to win the nomination. 

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