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Sunday night, the Night Owl Cafe held SAC’s annual Coffee House. Around 7 p.m., students joined at the NOC for some hot chocolate and to listen to Chad Browne perform. The club was handing out free travel mugs while also offering fruit and melted chocolate to everyone.

Halfway through his set, Bowne did an interactive game for the audience to win prizes. He did a cover of a familiar song and the first to guess the name of the song or artist won! At least five people had the chance to take home their very own signed CD.

Junior Megan Palmer expressed that her favorite part of the experience was “the chocolate fountain and the snacks.” Palmer explained that she has been to the coffee house events in the past.  “I’ve always enjoyed the artists, so I wanted to see who they had for this year,” she said. With music and snacks, the NOC had a relaxing vibe with the enchanted forest theme.

The coordinator of this event, KSC junior Jenaé Graham,  described that she was happy with the outcome. They went with this new theme and exciting performance for everyone to enjoy, making it a different experience from past years. Graham and other members of SAC discovered Chad Browne at a NAKA event in Hartford, Connecticut. Picking from other showcase acts preforming, they thought Browne was “really cool and different.”

After the show, Browne answered some questions about his music style. “I have always created music to be as honest as possible, and I found the most connectivity, visibility and expression through my voice,” he said. Through singing and being on stage, Browne said that the world is strange, but it gets easier when he sings. “So, I talk about relationships, or pain, death or happiness, whatever sort of stimulant inspire from life is what is worth writing about,” stated Browne.

He aims to write a story with his music, and in between each song he takes the time to give the audience a little background before listening.  “[I like to] talk and look people in the eye and be human for a second,” Browne said. “It’s nice to be human with other humans.” This allows him to really connect with the audience with relatable stories, along with some jokes.

Senior Theresa Derry liked “seeing everyone come together and just relax on a Sunday night.” The coffee house event is her favorite event SAC puts on and she tries to go every year. This year she was truly impressed that Browne was able to “improv right in front of [them].”

Impressed with this year’s performance as well, senior Daniella Giese said her favorite part of the night was “seeing [Browne] create the songs as he went [because] it was very unique.” Giese is a part of SAC, which is how she heard of this event. “I have never heard of [Chad Browne] before, but now I really want to check him out,” Giese said.

“Don’t miss out on other SAC events,” said Graham. “There are a lot of cool things coming up!”

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