He is a local legend and the all-time leading scorer for Keene State College men’s basketball, but everyone knows him as Ty Nichols.

Nichols, who graduated this past year, was one of the best basketball players in the history of KSC. Now he has a new team that he is playing for. Nichols is playing for a European team called KB Ponte Prizreni. This team is located in the country of Kosovo, a small European country that is bordered by Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania.

According to the head coach of the men’s basketball team Ryan Cain, Nichols was not drafted to this team but offered a contract to play for the club.

Nichols has played three games in the new uniform so far.. In those games, he is averaging 26.7 minutes per game. He is also averaging 14.7 points per game to go along with 4.3 rebounds per game.

While those numbers are a far leap from the impressive statistics that KSC fans are used to seeing him put up, keep in mind that he is playing against a whole new level of competition with older and more experienced players.

The difficulties of transitioning from the college level to the professional level can take a lot of time for a player to overcome. With an average of 26.7 minutes per game and a respectable average of 14.7 points, Nichols is immediately contributing to the club, giving them a double-figure scorer off of the bench.

With the new chapter in his career just beginning on his new team in Kosovo, fans can find his games on Youtube by searching “KB Ponte Prizreni.” Nichols currently wears number seven for the club and is playing the position of guard.

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