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“It was great to hear everyone read,” said Lydia Hurley, a senior who presented multiple pieces at the creative writing portfolio reading.

The reading took place in the Marion Wood Reading Room in the Mason Library on Wednesday, December 4, from 4 to 5 p.m.

The event was a great way for students in the creative writing program at Keene State to show off what they have been working on and to present their own original work.

The portfolio reading showcased six Keene State College seniors including: Alex Harvey, Lydia Hurley, Katie Jensen,  Ashley Jones, Lexi Palmer and Griffin Romprey.

Hurley presented three pieces at the event. “I presented a short fictional horror story called “Lost Lake,” a piece about a man who murders young women at the behest of a sentient lake,” said Hurley. “I also read a short non-fiction lyric essay called “Is Anybody Out There?” that was written about my struggles with nightmares and anxiety. I also read an excerpt from another short fictional piece called “Here, At The End of All Things,” which is a piece based on the Old Testament Genesis.”

According to Hurley, presenting her own work is just a necessary evil as a writer to get your own work out into the world. “Reading your own work in front of other people is always nerve-racking for me, because it’s so personal,” Hurley stated.

If you are interested in attending one of the readings, keep your eyes peeled for flyers about the next portfolio reading. The library hosts a multitude of different reading events from creative writing to poetry that are open to come participate in and watch.

Go and support your fellow classmates!

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