Under the New Business Section, Chief Information Officer Laura Seraichick, Interim Director of Campus Safety Kevin Williams and Director of Campus Life Jen Ferrell did a budget presentation. They presented the budget for education technology fee, shuttle service & campus safety fee and student center fee respectively.

Seraichick talked about the technologies on campus that are directed towards education. She presented the mission of the Information Technology department, how the department supports student success, key resources available to the department and rationale for the budget increase.

Williams discussed seven topics with the student leaders. The topics included: dispatch services, shuttle services, parking enforcement, scheduling of DCS (Distributed Control System) staff, emergency planning, uniformed patrol and budget 2020.

Ferrell presented the budget for the student center. She talked about how the department supports student success, current facility, current challenges, staff resources shifting and requested for a 2.5 percent increase in the budget. She also presented the rationale for the budget increase.

The budget presentations are waiting to get voted on by the student leaders.

Student Body President Davis Bernstein informed the assembly that there was no meeting next Tuesday (November 26). Bernstein also informed the assembly of presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg visiting campus on December 4.

Student Government Advisor Jennifer Ferrell informed the assembly of winter celebration on December 4.

Class 2020 representative Ashley Ruston thanked the assembly for assisting the senior class in putting on  Red ad White Night.

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