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With flag football, floor hockey and 4 vs. 4 volleyball all wrapped up for the year, men’s 3-on-3 basketball and dodgeball now own the spotlight for intramural sports at Keene State College.

This past week, the men’s 3-on-3 basketball teams completed their fourth set of games, with each team having played four times now. While there are no undefeated teams remaining at this point in the season, plenty of squads still look poised for playoff success in the coming weeks. A few of those teams include Frothy Free Throws and Tune Squad who both exited this past week of play with records of three wins and one loss. In fact, Tune Squad was undefeated going into the week, until Frothy Free Throws ended their winning streak on November 4, beating Tune Squad by a final score of 15-11.

Then, on November 5, three more teams ended the night with records of 3-1. The teams were Ice Treyz, the Tweak Team and White Men Can’t Jump (yes, that is their team’s name). A couple of those teams even faced each other, as the Tweak Team defeated White Men Can’t Jump 15-11 in the first game of the night. The Tweak Team played again later in the evening against Ice Treyz, but this time the Tweak Team lost by a score of 13-11.

Furthermore, in the final game of the night, Frothy Free Throws played again, looking to improve their record to a perfect four wins and zero losses against a not-so-strong-looking BTvG team who were 1-2 entering the game. However, BTvG pulled off the upset against Frothy Free Throws by a score of 15-12, giving Frothy Free Throws their first loss of the season.

That same night, dodgeball began its first week of competition with a handful of games. In intramural dodgeball, the winners are decided in a way comparable to NCAA volleyball: the first team to win three games wins the match. That means that if a team wins three games in a row, itwins the match. But that also means that if the teams are tied two games to two, the match could go all the way to a fifth and final deciding game.

This week none of the matches ended up needing to go to five games, but there were some matches which went to four games. On November 5, the team of the night was The Dodge Fathers as they played two games and won both. In their first match they won by forfeit over the RA’s on Duty and in their second match they defeated the Bible Boys by a final score of three games to one. That same night, Good Guys Bad Dudes and Hammers Only picked up wins over their opponents.

The next day, November 6, a new dodgeball team entered the spotlight looking like they could be the team to beat all season long. That team was the Woke Dons, who played three games against undefeated opponents that night and won them all. First, the Woke Dons defeated the previous night’s star The Dodge Fathers by an almost shocking final score of 3-0. Then the Woke Dons swept another team as they gave Hammers Only their first loss of the season. Then, later in the evening, there was an ultimate matchup between the only two remaining undefeated dodgeball teams: the Woke Dons and Good Guys Bad Dudes. Each team entered the match with two wins and zero losses so far on the weekend. But the Woke Dons once again did what they had done all night long: crush their opponent. The Woke Dons defeated Good Guys Bad Dudes 3-1, leaving the Woke Dons the only undefeated team remaining after the first weekend of competition with a perfect three wins and zero losses.

While it feels like both of these intramural sports teams just started their seasons, playoff games are already around the corner for teams in both sports. Next week, we’ll have results on the first-round playoff games for both dodgeball and men’s 3-on-3 basketball.

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