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Playoff season has arrived for flag football!

The Keene State intramural flag football teams completed regular season play on October 2. Eight of the ten teams qualified for the playoffs and two teams went home upset and empty-handed, looking forward to next season.

Of the eight teams that qualified for the playoffs, two remained undefeated going into the postseason. Those teams were the Mud Puppies and the Mukin Barn, both with perfect regular season records of four wins and zero losses. Right behind those two teams was the Electric Factory, with a solid regular season record of 3-1. Then, the final five teams that entered the playoffs all had records of 2-2 or worse.

The two teams that failed to qualify for the playoffs were the Mud Dogs and the Dream Team. The Mud Dogs finished the season with no wins, while the Dream Team was able to nab one win before the season was over. In fact, the Dream Team had a second chance to make the playoffs, as they ended the season with the same record as Team Purple (1-3). That meant Team Purple and the Dream Team would have to play each other in a last-chance-qualifier game to see who would move on to the playoffs. That game took place on October 6, and Team Purple prevailed, with a final score of 36-20, leaving the Dream Team on the outside looking in.

Tuesday, October 8, marked the start of the first week of playoff action. Four of the eight playoff teams faced off against each other on the turf field at the Owl Athletic Complex. First, it was the undefeated Mukin Barn team squaring off with TDs out for the Boys. The Mukin Barn took care of business, defeating TDs out for the Boys 28-6. TDs out for the Boys were eliminated, while Mukin Barn’s perfect record improved to 5-0.

The final game Tuesday night featured the Electric Factory taking on Show us your TD’s in an intriguing battle. As mentioned previously, Electric Factory entered the playoffs with a record of 3-1, while Show us your TD’s were an even 2-2 on the season. In this game, Electric Factory was victorious, beating Show us your TD’s 26-6, meaning Electric Factory would move on to next week, and Show us your TD’s would be eliminated.

Then, the other four of the eight playoff teams played Wednesday night, October 9. First up, a pair of 2-2 teams prepared to face each other, as Hoss State ‘20 was pinned up against Baker’s Dozen. However, the Baker’s Dozen weren’t cooking on the field, as Hoss State ‘20 served them a loss, 21-7. That meant that after going through the first half of the season without a single win, Hoss State ‘20 would now be one of the final four teams in the playoffs. Their record improved to 3-2 with their third straight win, after starting the season a dismal 0-2.

After the feel-good win for Hoss State ‘20, they had to quickly scurry off the field to make way for the two teams playing in the final matchup of the first week of the playoffs. Those two teams were the top-seeded, undefeated Mud Puppies, and Team Purple, who just made it into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth. As expected, the Mud Puppies dominated this one, stomping Team Purple into the turf, 35-6. The Mud Puppies improved to 5-0 on the season, and moved on to the final four.

After the first week of playoff games, the final four teams were set. The Mud Puppies, Mukin Barn, Electric Factory and Hoss State ‘20 will compete in week two of the playoffs to see which two teams will move on to the championship game. Mukin Barn will play Electric Factory, while the Mud Puppies will face Hoss State ‘20, with the winners having a shot at the championship, and the losers going home.

Stay tuned next week to find out who won those games.

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