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A long queue of students were chatting and laughing outside the Night Owl Cafe until the doors opened on Wednesday. They were waiting for the weekly event of Trivia to start at 7 p.m. There were more than 50 students filled with enthusiasm and passion to win Trivia. The theme for the day was: Name that Brand.

There were around 16 teams playing the Trivia on the day. Keene State sophomore and Trivia host Emily Hill said, “They are just like continuous questions, but usually they get harder, there’s five questions for each round, the first round the points value are 5 points, the second is 7 points and the third is 10 and then  there is the final jeopardy where you can bet all of your points, none at all or as many as you want, so if you get the question right, you get like the double the points you had or if you lose then you lose all your points.”

The Trivia host shows the pictures on the screen and the teams write the answers and bring it to the Trivia host. The gifts for the second place was 10 dollars gift cards and for first place was 25 dollars cards from Domino’s, Subway, Target and so on.

Ruby Ciskowski whose team got second in Trivia said, “The best part is when we win and the worst part is when I don’t know the question, and I throw it on there and I know I lost.”

On Thursday night, the NOC was even filled than Wednesday night. There were more than 80 people trying to find chairs or a place to sit for the first ten minutes or so. It was the Bingo night that the students were excited about.

Valerie Mamish, a junior at KSC and team leader at Night Owl Cafe said, “I think Bingo is really big environment, even though this one definitely was the first one, there’s usually a  big crowd every week, I think it’s definitely an event in Keene that will never die out at least for the time being.”

According to Mamish, NOC is not an organization, it’s a cafe. So the events hosted by NOC are basically by the Student Involvement.

Mamish said events like Bingo and Trivia are very important for students to get out of their residence halls. She further added, “ most students don’t have classes on Friday so it’s kind of like a perfect time to wind down and kind of, end the week on a good note.” She called it a perfect pre-ending of the week.

“I think that it’s really important for other students to be able to interact with each other, especially once you start to go into your majors, events like this get you interact with other people of other grades from other majors and I just think it’s fun to come hang out here and to be part of [events like]Trivia,” said Ciskowski.

Atong Chan, a first year student at KSC won a regular Bingo round. She won 10 dollars Domino’s gift card. “I just saw it on boards and stuff, I was looking around to see what to do since I am new and this was one of the things which was really fun and Trivia was cool yesterday too,” said Chan, “I think they were both good, I think this one was better because I actually won but if I won Trivia, I would have said the same thing.”

The NOC hosts Trivia on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm and Bingo nights on Thursday nights at 7 pm.

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