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Athletes and coaches alike are thrilled about Keene State College’s recent partnership with Nike for athletic apparel and footwear.

Before KSC was partnered with Nike, Adidas was the brand that the College used for uniforms, apparel and shoes. The decision to switch from Adidas to Nike was one that was made by new Athletic Director Philip Racicot. Racicot said, “Nike is the leader in the industry as far as sports apparel and gear.” Nike is known worldwide as one of the top sports apparel brands, sponsoring athletes from LeBron James to Serena Williams.

Nike and KSC’s partnership means that Keene State will get greater discounts from Nike on uniforms, apparel such as sweatshirts, hats, bookbags, etc. This will allow sports team such as cross country and other teams get new uniforms for the upcoming season.

Cross country and track athlete Skyler Gauthier is excited about the new partnership with Nike. Gauthier said, “I think getting new uniforms, a fresh new uniform, fresh apparel and being sponsored by Nike looks a bit better.” The cross country team will be sporting brand new Nike uniforms this year, the first time in new uniforms in the last six years.

Other teams that will benefit from the Nike partnership are the men’s and women’s basketball teams. Basketball is the sport that Nike is most prevalent in; countless NBA and WNBA players are sponsored by Nike. Multiple collegiate teams are sponsored by Nike as well. Men’s basketball coach Ryan Cain is excited by the partnership as well. Cain said, “ I have some relationships with people that work there, it’s a good company to work with and Nike is a great apparel company and the best of the best for our student athletes.”

Working with Nike has many benefits for the school: one is the sports teams will be able to purchase and use Nike apparel for their athletes and coaching staff. Another benefit is the ability to use the partnership to help outfit every department of the college. Racicot said, “Everybody here on campus, club sports, recreation, intramurals, they all will have the opportunity to benefit from this and get the discount.”

Partnering with Nike also allows teams access to the variety of different uniforms shoes and other forms of gear that Nike has to offer for student athletes. Cain said, “I think the best example I can give about Nike compared to other competitors is what they offer in terms of the different options is much more compared to other apparel companies.”

Head cross country coach Tom Pickering said, “I think it’s fantastic, I’ve been a proponent of Nike as a potential partner for us since I’ve been here.”

KSC students will see school apparel with the Nike’s trademarked swoosh on it for the foreseeable future. Students will also be able to see their Owls in Nike apparel on various gamedays.    

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