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Students explore the annual Involvement Fair

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Connor Crawford

Student Life Editor

On Thursday, September 6, over 50 student-run clubs and organizations took over Appian Way to table for the student involvement fair.  The student involvement fair is a way for all of the clubs and organizations to advertise for the upcoming year to students all over campus and recruit new members. Not only was the fair a great place for clubs to advertise for the upcoming year, but it was also prime-time for students to discover an organization or club that piqued their interest.

Many students across campus came out to the student involvement fair to scope out a wide variety of diverse student-run clubs and organizations that KSC has to offer.  “[Students] can do things that they are really interested in and it is a great way to meet new people,” said student Katy Arcidiacono.

Some students decided to share what inspired them to get involved and join clubs across campus. Brian Dale said the reason he was inspired to join an on-campus organization was, “Opportunities. You branch out, meet new people and eventually who knows, in the future it could help you out.”

Senior Mike Godzik, who is part of the Society of Physics Students, said, “What inspired me to get involved was previous experience in high school because it was weird not to go into it.” The student involvement fair was not only a great place to be inspired to find something that students would love, but it is also an integral part of the college experience at Keene State. “It makes or breaks the college experience. If you don’t get involved, it might be harder to build relationships and think of college as a meaningful impact on your social and occupational life,” Godzik said.

The reason that Senior John Nedeau decided to get involved because he wanted to “Get involved and make new friends and see what all of the student community is about.”

Madison McQuaide said the fair was a good way to get students to be active during their time in college. “So you aren’t just sitting in your dorm room I feel like, you need to go out and experience new things. It is great to see the people that I don’t see every day, I get to have a whole new group,” McQuaide said.

Godzik said he thought that clubs could bring people together. “…With the clubs I work with such as the math club, computer science and chemistry club it doesn’t just take us and divide us into different things, the collaboration helps us build closer connections among more people,” Godzik said.

Overall, the student involvement fair was a great way for first-year students and everyone around campus to get an idea of what the student community is like at Keene State. For some, the fair was a great place for first-year students to find a club to help them acclimate to the college atmosphere. The fair was also a great way for students to find a club to build their resume, meet new people and find new friends. There were many opportunities for students to hopefully make the remainder of their time here at KSC more valuable.

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