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Equinox Staff

The Keene State College Senate met on Wednesday, September 11. Senate Chair called the meeting to order at 4 pm. Attendance was taken, and the minutes from the prior two meetings were voted upon and approved unanimously.

During the courtesy period, Student Body President Davis Bernstein discussed upcoming events including a watch party for the third Democratic debate held by the KSC Democrats, a celebration of Constitution Day, and the Climate Strike on September 20.

Interim Provost Ockle Johnson was welcomed back into the Senate after a period of absence.

KSC President Melinda Treadwell then opened her remarks by discussing Keene State College’s ranking by US News and World Report as No. 10 Best School and No. 7 Best Value School among regional colleges in the North. “We have a lot of bragging rights,” Treadwell said.

Treadwell also discussed the addition of five new Steinway pianos into the KSC music department, an increased focus on connecting with students of the New Hampshire Community College System, and the announcement of KSC’s hosting of next year’s Council of Liberal Arts Colleges annual meeting.

Treadwell then discussed KSC’s enrollment strategy. “The main question is, what is the future of the student academic suite?” Treadwell said. Of particular importance are first generation college students, who make up 59 percent of KSC’s class of 2023.

“This is a point of pride for us, and shows the value of the public liberal arts college,” Treadwell said.

The Senate subcommittees then reported the results of their meetings. The Senate Executive Committee (SEC) discussed the addition of a non-minor category of study for students that would “be recognized as an added benefit to their education,” SEC Chair Patrick Dolenc said. The committee highlighted the opportunities that such an addition would present to non-traditional students, such as adult learners, in advancing their educations and careers.

Johnson then summarized the previous meeting of the SEC that was held on September 4. A post-baccalaureate credit articulation agreement with Granite State College, wherein graduate students from GSC could receive credit from courses taken at KSC, was ultimately discontinued due to concerns about academic rigor.

The Senate Curriculum Committee (SCC) then discussed changes to the academic calendar, in particular the dates of registration and move-in for the spring semester.

The SCC also proposed a revision to a number of elected offices in the Senate, with concerns about the redundancy in their roles.

The Academic Policy Committee and Academic Standards Committee did not convene prior to the meeting of the Senate, and thus did not speak.

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