Olivia Cattabriga / Art Director

Rachel Vitello

News Editor

At 5:04 pm on Tuesday, September 17 a Keene State Alert was sent out via text and email regarding a black bear sighting near Owl Stadium.

“A black bear was reported a short time ago in the vicinity of the Owl Stadium.  Officials are investigating this report. Please use caution and be alert for wildlife on campus.  Please do not harass wildlife,” the email read. “Black bears are large and powerful animals. Black bears do not typically exhibit aggressive behavior. Their first response is to flee, but if cut off from escape routes they can become unpredictable and dangerous.”

According to New Hampshire Fish and Game, black bears should normally hear someone coming and know to leave the area, but if you do see a bear, keep your distance. Make it aware of your presence by clapping, talking or making other sounds. Stand your ground and slowly back away. Intentionally feeding bears in New Hampshire is illegal.

Campus safety urges anyone who encounters the animal or needs assistance to contact Campus Safety Dispatch at 603-358-2228.

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